:: Welcome to Prayas

 ISO 9001:2015 Certified NGO 
PRAYAS Institute for Social Development is a Secular, Non-Profit, Voluntary organization.
It aims to promote awareness and developmental programmes among the underprivileged sections of the society on self-sustained basis. Registered in the year 1994, team of qualified professional social workers are its governing body members.

PRAYAS Institute for Social Development initiated working with the communities (Urban and Rural areas) in a humble manner without any corpus fund, governmental grants and/or donor support during the initial years. Thus sustained exclusively through the mobilization of local resources and persistent commitment of the members of Prayas.

 :: Our Mission
 To strive for the cause and care of the underprivileged, harness their potentials and make them self sustained.

 :: Our Programme

Prayas is running a tailoring and hand embroidery unit for the young women of the community. The aim to harness their skills and make them self reliant and independent..  

Prayas champions the cause for Child Education. It aims at Facilitating Children in distress, children of construction laboursers, especially children infected...

Education, Employment, Poverty and Hunger, the environment, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, leisure-time activities, health, girls and young women, HIV/AIDS...


Is a comprehensive, multidimensional and an integrated approach to work with the communities in creating awareness on various social...


It has been said that most of the problems that exist in our world today could have either been totally avoided or drastically reduced if people only...

Violence against girl is most pervasive and yet least recognized human rights abuse in the world Violence against girl is most pervasive and yet least recognized. ....